e‐ScienceTalk is a project co‐funded by the European Commission as a Support Action within the 7th Framework Programme. It aims to bring the success stories of European e-infrastructures to a wider audience through a number of key dissemination activities, all listed on our home page.


e-ScienceTalk’s geographically distributed team affords the project team a uniquely balanced pan-European perspective on the state of distributed computing for science across Europe.

CERN – European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland

EGI – European Grid Infrastructure, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Queen Mary University
Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Imperial College London
Imperial College London, UK

APO, web and graphic design for e-ScienceTalk, based in Paris, France


Over the last 10 years, the European Commission and governments have invested substantial funds in distributed computing infrastructures. European scientists now have access to state‐of‐the‐art computational and data resources, making available a unique and dynamic set of tools to tackle the big challenges facing humankind today: climate change, pandemics and sustainable energy. The advent of the European Grid Infrastructure, combined with the blurring of boundaries between grids, clouds, supercomputing networks and volunteer grids, means that a clear consistent source of information aimed at non‐experts is now more important than ever.