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Recent issues

April 2013
26 - Horizon 2020

How Horizon 2020 affects e-infrastructures, virtual research environments and coordinating activities, and the opportunities it brings in allowing science to work more closely with industry and wider society.
February 2013
25 - The Security Issue

Passwords, certificates, cloud and security
November 2012
24 - Big data

In November 2012, Mikko Tuomi of the University of Hertfordshire and Guillem Anglada-Escude of the University of Go?ttingen announced the discovery of a new ‘Super-Earth’ – a rocky planet five times larger than ours – orbiting (...)


2012 Oct
23   Transferring Technology and Knowledge - PDF
2012 Jul
22   Open Data,Open Science - PDF
2012 Apr
21   Visualisation - PDF
2012 Feb
20   Research Networks: global connectivity - PDF
2011 Sep
19   Desktop grids: Connecting everyone to science - PDF - html
2011 Jun
18   Asia-Pacific Special Issue - PDF - html
2011 Mar
17   Cloud computing: What’s on the horizon? - PDF - html
2011 Feb
16   Supercomputing: Empowering research - PDF - html - Spanish
2010 Nov
15   Mapping the e-Infrastructure Landscape - PDF - html
2010 Jul
14   eLearning and grid computing - PDF
2010 Jun
13   Future needs of the ESFRI projects - PDF
2010 May
12   The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) - PDF
2010 Apr
11   The data-centric age - PDF
2009 Dec
10   Digitising culture: Grids and eHumanities - PDF
2009 Oct
  9   Transferring technology: Grids in Business - PDF
2009 Sep
  8   The future of Healthcare: eHealth & Grid Computing - PDF - Spanish
2009 Jul
  7   A Greener Way? Grids and Green Computing - PDF - Spanish
2009 Apr
  6   The future of innovation: developing Europe's ICT (...) - PDF
2009 Mar
  5   Facing the skills shortage: attracting more women to (...) - PDF
2009 Jan
  4   Grids and clouds - PDF
2008 Sep
  3   European Grid Initiative - PDF
2008 Aug
  2   What is a grid? - PDF
2008 Jun
  1   Grids and standardization - PDF

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