e-Infrastructure FP7 Project Success Story Competition


The 10th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting is organised by the Commission Services with the support of the e-ScienceTalk project.  The main aim of the meeting is to bring projects together in order to discuss issues related to the completion of the 7th Framework Programme and the start of an e-infrastructures activity during Horizon 2020 (2014-2020).The FP7 Success Story Competition will highlight the three best success stories from the FP7 Capacities  funding programme in e-Infrastructures.

The organisers of the 10th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting invite project leaders of current and former projects, funded through FP7 (2006 – 2013) to submit abstracts highlighting their project’s biggest success story.

The Categories

Success stories are invited in the following categories.

Category 1: Excellent science

These project success stories show how the project has raised the level of excellence in Europe's science base. The success story should show how the project supported the best ideas, developed talent within Europe, or provided researchers with access to priority research infrastructure, making Europe an attractive location for the world's best researchers.

Category 2: Competitive industries

Project success stories in this category will show how the project made Europe a more attractive location to invest in research and innovation, by promoting activities where businesses set the agenda. It will have helped innovative SMEs to grow into world-leading companies.

Category 3: Better society

Project success stories will have targeted the policy priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy and addressed major concerns shared by citizens in Europe and elsewhere. Their challenge-based approach will have brought together resources and knowledge across different fields, technologies and disciplines, including social sciences and the humanities.

How to enter

Opening date: The competition opens on 17 December 2012.

Closing date: The final submission date is 11 February 2013

Submit: Go to https://indico.egi.eu/indico/conferenceCFA.py?confId=1217

Submission is by online form at the above address in advance of the closing date. The following sections should be completed for each success story:

·         Title

·         Project name (100 characters)

·         Project description (150 words)

·         Describe the project’s biggest success story (250 words)

·         Describe the main impacts (500 words)

·         What were the strategic benefits? (500 words)

·         Project website

·         What was the outcome? (500 words)

PLEASE NOTE: You will need an Indico login ID to submit an abstract for your success story. If you have a European Grid Infrastructure SSO ID, you can use this. Otherwise you can set up a local Indico ID at https://indico.egi.eu/indico/userRegistration.py. (Beware, this is not a registration for the event itself!)

QUERIES: Please contact catherine.gater@egi.eu for any queries about the event or the competition.

Terms and Conditions


The Entrant: Person who submits an entry to the prize

The Entry: The entry submitted to the FP7 Success Story competition by the entrant

The Organisers: The EGI.eu organisation, which coordinates of the e-ScienceTalk project

1. Introduction

'The FP7 Success Story Competition’ (mentioned here as 'The Competition') will be awarded in three categories:

Category 1: Excellent science

Category 2: Competitive industries

Category 3: Better society

One success story will be selected as the winner per category.

For the best chance of success, entries should be submitted to one category only. If an Entrant is eligible for two or more categories, the Entrant is advised to choose one category to submit her/his entry to.

The Terms and Conditions detailed below apply to all 3 categories, unless otherwise stated.

2. Entry Submission

Entry submission opens on 17 December 2012. The deadline is 11 February 2013 at 23:59 Central European Time (CET). Entries received after this date will not be considered by the Organisers.

The Entry, in English, must be submitted via the online submission form at https://indico.egi.eu/indico/conferenceCFA.py?confId=1217. Any other forms of submission or entries sent to other e-mail addresses are not accepted.

Each entry must include the following information:

·         Title

·         Project name (100 characters)

·         Project description (150 words)

·         Describe the project’s biggest success story (250 words)

·         Describe the main impacts (500 words)

·         What were the strategic benefits? (500 words)

·         What was the outcome? (500 words)

The Organisers are not responsible for any hardware, software, or system failures that may prevent entry submission.

The e-mail address used by the entrant to submit an entry will be the address used by the Organisers for any correspondences related to the competition.

The entry must be submitted by the author of the entry.

By submitting an entry, entrants accept the full Terms and Conditions of the Competition and agree to be bound by them. The decision of the organisers in relation to any aspect of the competition is final and discussion will not be entered into to.

4. The Prize

The Winner of each category will be selected by a panel of Judges drawn from e-ScienceTalk, International Science Grid This Week and the European Commission.

The Organisers will announce two shortlists of up to three Entries, one for each category, on 18 February 2013. The Winner of each category will be one of the shortlisted Entries. The Organisers will announce the decision on 18 February 2013. The Judges' decision is final and may not be appealed against.

The Organisers reserve the right not to select a Winner if they feel that none of the submitted Entries are suitable.

One Prize will be awarded to the Winner of each category. The Prize consists of three items:

Item 1: Participation in the 10th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting in Brussels, Belgium (6-7 March 2013) with a 20 minute presentation of the success story by the Entrant during the opening plenary on 6 March.

Item 2: e-ScienceTalk goodie bag, to be awarded in the plenary session at the 10th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting.

Item 3: Publication of the Entry in the Organisers' online and print publications.

With respect to Item 1

The Winner must inform the Organisers if she/he will be attending the 10th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting no later than 25 February 2013. A nominated representative may be accepted in place of the Winner by agreement with the Jury.

If the Winner chooses to attend the event and the Award Ceremony, the Winner agrees to participate in publicity activities that may result in photographs being taken and their names provided to the press and media.

With respect to Item 2

The exact components of the e-ScienceTalk goodie bag will be revealed at the awards ceremony. Items are not exchangeable for monetary value.

5. Intellectual Property

All applicable intellectual property rights of an entry remain with the Entrant.

Entrants guarantee to that an entry is his/her original work, undertaken by the Entrant, who has full legal ownership of any applicable intellectual property rights without infringing the rights of any third parties.

Entrants grant the Organisers permission to use his/her submitted Entry, free of charge, for all purposes considered appropriate by the Organisers. Credit to the original author will always be given.

Entrants agree that the submitted Article may be edited by the Organisers for clarity and length prior to online or print publication.

Following the end of the Competition, the Entrants are free to submit their Entries to other publications, competitions, etc., if, and only if, resubmission does not interfere with the ability of the Organisers to use the Entry free of charge, for all purposes considered appropriate.